Monday, August 12, 2013


There is something about Berkeley now that makes me all sharp around the edges. I used to be able to go up there and be fairly entertained. I mean, taking pictures of Che was kinda fun before because they weren't affecting me. Still, they claimed they were going to have a pre-burning man "thing" - so up to Berkeley we went. Gritting my teeth the whole way. Going up there is something that no DIY car with smile painted on it and penis's can make you feel better about.

Maybe it's because they think art comes from the Blair Witch project.

Or every art installation has to tell me the icecaps are melting.

Still there was a fair amount of fun cats to watch.

Dudes dressed in camo acting like a dog.

I'm convinced this hotel put this peace sign in their tile entry so the bums would be merciful on their bathrooms.

Is that a thing?

Here, I'll give you another try.

It's sort of a kitchy design. I'm not sure I'm cool with the two different sizes, but if you went in and bought the same boot in a different color - that could be a trend I guess. Then you'd have a backup pair when that one wore out.

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