Saturday, August 17, 2013

Everyone at Comcast should fear for their jobs.

I have now talked to 25 techs at Comcast. And spent 10 HOURS on the phone. Of those 25, only three actually understood what FTP is. Which is confusing because they are a network company. THAT SEEMS PRETTY BASIC. Even more troubling, all the way up the ladder - listen I've talked to 8, 9, 12, 15, 23 people - not one of the techs are shocked. No sign of surprise at all actually. Not even an OMG.

I do not believe a company can survive with this kind of customer service. At this point I'm only in it to really find out how deep the level of dysfunction is. They've worn me down - which means they have lost my business.

They tranfer you to departments that can not help you, who then try to transfer you back. I've lost count of how many telephone numbers they've given me. I've been to 2nd level support 8 times.


  1. Sad thing is that they don't hire technical people. It's not like the old days when you could start up a hosting company and you and the three other tech geeks you were friends with in high school could trick out a pretty decent hosting server.

    They hire people to read from scrips. There's a heirarchical menu of options, and based on your problem they are given a rote series of steps to take you through. If it doesn't work, they "escalate" it to somebody else so that, like you said, they can "close out" the call at their level. Because they get their spifs/incentives based on call volume, NOT on closed tickets.

  2. Well, hell then. Bonuses all around. I was wondering what happened to all those ISP's. For a while they were everywhere.

    I think level 2 support is a sales level. If level 1 can't solve it, they think getting you to pay to solve it makes customers happy.

    It's kinda sad really. A lot of people in tech got their starts from working tech support. Like me. You used to actually have to know something. Now these guys are no more skilled than McDonalds workers.