Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dealing with Comcast is worse than getting butt raped by the IRS.

I'd love to tell you why my RSS feed is broken and all the images on my blog are broken. But I can't. I can't upload any images to Comcast through FTP. I can't log in at all. It says my login is incorrect, but if I go to a browser window I can log right in. But that doesn't allow me to upload images.

I've just spent over 2 hours on the phone with Comcast. I've talked to 8 people including a manager. Not one single person at that company has ever heard of the word FTP. NOT ONE. F-t- what? What is it? Since none of them know what this is - I get stuck on hold, only to be hung up on. Even the manager did this! I even managed to get to 2nd level support. You'd think that back line support would be well, smarter. They had never heard of FTP. They had never heard of the concept of uploading images to Comcast. So trying to find out if a server was dead out there was an impossibility. I can't even get my images off so I can tell them to eff off.

It takes 15 minutes to even talk to someone. All the while, the phone system tells me they are experiencing unexpected call volume. Maybe it's because their reps are dumping calls. I've read on another forum that customer service reps get reprimanded for staying on calls to long, and so a lot of them just hang up now to not get into trouble. And I suspect this is what Comcast is doing too.

Dealing with the government is a blessing over dealing with this company. I hope some trader comes in and shorts the hell out of this company.


  1. Hey, I just noticed that all the image links on your site are broke. You should probably call somebody.

  2. Yeah, that's probably not funny. At. ALL.

  3. It was kinda funny this morning. Now I've lost my will to live.