Friday, August 16, 2013

How can Comcast stay in Business?

The last person I talked to said I needed to talk to signature support and gave me a number. When I called that number it was for phone support. Where I promptly freaked out.

I've talked to 11 people at Comcast and spent 3 hours. I've been to 2nd level support 3 times - I said. I'm just trying to find out who can help me. What does it take?!

I'm sorry Mrs. Snarkolepsy. This is the last time you will get transferred I promise.

She transfers me. And since there is no hold music - I'm sure I've been disconnected. But the line stays open for a few minutes. Guess what happened. Guess!

The line disconnects.

P.S. The number she gave me in case I got disconnected is not even a valid number. Says my call can not be completed at this time.

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