Sunday, March 31, 2013

When you sleep.

Last night we had the worst lightening storm ever roll through. As in sad, not bad. This is really unusal for California. We only get lightening every few years. Which is normally over in an hour, tops. This storm would light up the sky once every hour or so. Making it impossible for me to catch it. I've only captured lightening once. Which if I do say so myself was pretty bad ass. Normally I hate most of my photos.

Over Cmas, Mr. S updated my gear. I waited so long partially because of the resession and most cameras on the market don't do IR. My Fuji S5 Pro took IR pictures stock. And once you go IR, you just can't go back. You have to send the camera out to have it modified. Basically stripping the filters that make all of your cameras take normal pictures. I have to put filters back on to take normal pictures. Without the filters I get the whole spectrum.

Anyway. As the storm was putting out lightening in fits, I realised this was the first chance I'd gotten to really play with the IR. We mostly have not had any rain. Which IR is really good for. Photographing the IR world you have to think about photgraphy in a different way. What will look interesting at night and so on.

I would have gotten other shots, but it was lightening every so often. I didn't want to get struck.

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