Friday, March 08, 2013

Which insect is this car?

I'm phoning it in today. It's been a stressful week. This photo was taken a few months ago, and basically sucked. It did teach me something new about cars. If you look at them at the right angle you can see other things.


Anonymous said...

All I see is a frogger who must have been hit by a semi.

she said: said...

I can see that now you mention it. I thought it looked a little mantis like. If the headlights were a little larger.

Did you make the Costco comment? If so - which post did that go to? Blogger sent me an incomplete message.

Anonymous said...

The Costco comment was for the Frys R Us post. Costco opened that morning at $103.37, but crashed as soon as you published your post ;)

I'm not sure when they started stocking the washers and dryers out front, but I'm assuming it was March 4th since that was the all time high on their stock. Now that they've tripped the law of Snarkolepsy (never sell washers and dryers in big box retail stores), their stock price should be doomed forever.

she said: said...

That really made me laugh. You don't know how much I've always wanted something I've said was turned into a law~!

I wasn't actually conscience I was doing that. I had to go back over all the stores I've bitched about. There does seem to be a pattern. That's funny.

I just couldn't understand why they were devoting so much floor space to something that turned over so slowly. OH! Were the washers top loaders are side loaders? Do you remember?

My neighbors son is a buyer at my local Costco. I might have to try and run into that guy soon. It is a confusing place. So far they've done really well the whole recession. But.... that is what Apple said too.