Monday, March 04, 2013

That should have been a sign.

This morning, I went to the kitchen to get the coffee Mr S. had made me, and I looked out the window.

Me - Is that woman carrying a golf club?

Mr S. looks out, but it take a couple of seconds for her to come into full view.

Him - Yeah. That is a golf club.

But she's walking her tiny dog (and I mean tiny), and she's got on a sweatshirt with pockets. Her hands are in her pockets as is the handle of the golf club. The part where you hit the ball resting on her shoulder. Just a single club.

If that doesn't make a statement, I don't know what does.

Then, I then go on to spend over an hour on the phone with my bank trying to figure out where my mortgage payment is. I paid electronically on the 22nd. 17 minutes into the conversation the manager finally says - well, do you want me to call your mortgage company. In my mind I say - fuck yeah, are you high? Why didn't you offer this to me earlier! But of course I do the opposite and feign appreciation. Which was good, because we spent 7 minutes on hold together with the mic open. So, we got to know each other.

Did I mention I'm 50% though a refi? I close on April 17th. And it's the weirdest thing because I started it in January. I thought they were going to incessantly have me resend the same documentation over and over. So far the main bug up their ass is - they wanted to make sure the place was insured. I've only had to send in documentation once.

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