Friday, March 01, 2013

Ah, those stupid environmentalists.

I haven't blogged about this topic in a while because well... whats the point. However this article did make me laugh and rub my temples.

Abound Solar - you know, one of those companies that stole your money. Well, it turns out they were selling defective panels. The company knew the panels were defective. But that is not the funny part.

The funny part is someone is left with 100,000 under-performing, unsellable panels. Which now are hazardous disposable waste. Because those dumb shits thought - these panels last forever! We are making the world a better place. Oh, don't you feel smug? Oh me too. No matter that solar panels are actually made up of environmentally unfriendly stuff.

Well, if they can't find some sucker to buy this crap (and I doubt they will! Why would they?) they are going to bury them in Eastern Colorado encased in concrete! No shit. Good job environmentalists! 100,000 panels. One hundred thousand.

Read about it here.

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