Thursday, March 28, 2013

They are everywhere.

Stopped to get a shot of the Turkey. Got distracted by some lady with a dog. So, I had to get my dog on. Look at the smile I made! I should start calling my burb white picket fences instead of green acres.

OH! I almost forgot I got this shot a weekend or two ago. This is a 50mph backroad. Mr S had to pull off not to hit it.


  1. Please tell me this isn't you. I bet Jeff could keep this turkey from being lonely.


  2. L-O-L. He's looking a little ragged. Like those neurotic parrots. Maybe he's an antisocial turkey!

    Ours haven't started chasing cars yet. Scoop him up and bring him to town. Now that would be a funny vid. Turkeys actually walk really fast.