Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Good Guys. Pt 1.

While the garden show this weekend was pretty anemic - the car show I went to was uncharacteristically jam packed. We had to park out in the back 40, which we rarely have to do. On the surface everything seemed better than normal. Until I ran into a car I'd gotten at another show. Since the car was already on the blog I decided to talk to it's owner who seemed to be a little desperate for cash. And it turned out that if you scratched the surface a little, a lot of people were feeling that way. Signs on cars saying no reasonable offer refused. Which seems like a normal thing. But it was more the norm, than normal. If that makes any sense. We overheard a lot of conversations where guys were saying they had to sell this weekend. There was just a lot of desperation in the air. Since we go to this show every three months or so, it really stood out.

Oh - they are still doing that? I thought we'd all sufficiently mocked them into submission.

The blue color on this car was amazing.

I had to steal a prop child to show how tall this thing was.

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