Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Frys "R" us.

After the horrible emails were leaked about Walmarts' February sales - I had to go and see if Frys Electronics was having the same "restocking" problems. Last time I blogged about Frys' it was because shelves were thread bear. They had since resolved that issue and things looked better.

This time when I went in - it was hard not to notice isles clogged with perfume and toys. And not the kind adults want to buy. The isles also seemed much wider. And finally.... TV's. You can get any 55 inch flat screen TV for 1500 bucks and below. Most are more in the 1000 dollar range. Any 60 inch screen TV for 2000 bucks and under.

All of this is giving the Fry's guy with the tesla ball a headache. I imagine him saying "eff my life".

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