Friday, March 22, 2013

This is why there aren't more women in tech.

Women basically just suck.

A Joke About Dongles Led To Two People Losing Their Jobs And A Huge Mess For The Tech World.

The world of tech was rattled this week when a quickly-dashed-off tweet alleging crude, sexist jokes resulted in two people losing their jobs.

Earlier this week at the PyCon conference (the largest annual gathering for developers using the open-source Python programming language), a woman named Adria Richards overheard a joke between two men sitting behind her during a crowded presentation.

"Richards was offended and took a picture of the two men who were making jokes. She tweeted, "Not cool. Jokes about forking repo's in a sexual way and "big" dongles. Right behind me #pycon." She also attached a photo of the two people making the jokes. "

"For those of you who have never heard these terms, a dongle is a small piece of hardware that attaches to a computer, TV, or other electronic device and enables additional functions such as copy protection, audio, video, games, data, or other services that are only available when it is attached.

Forking as it relates to software is defined when developers take a copy of source code from one software package and start independent development on it, creating a distinct piece of software. "


dashing said...

Last I heard she got fired too

she said: said...

Good. She should also get a special place in hell. The guy she got fired has three kids.

I mean, dongle is a funny word. Always has been. But don't walk into a male dominated world and start getting the guys in trouble. It would be like trying to become a truck driver and then getting all shitty because the guys have titty calendars in the truck sleepers. These second generation Silicon Valley kids are just the most annoying. It's like a constant episode of Startups of Silicon Valley. Which is mostly soap opera.