Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I've found a new wealthy liberal enclave to mock. Pt1.

I love driving to a new town just to have breakfast. I can tell a lot about a town by doing this. This weekend it was Pt Reyes Station up in Marin.

The first thing I noticed about this town was it seemed like a full 60% of the locals where dressed in bike wear. Yet... I never really saw any bicycles. A few motorcycles sure. I don't remember once seeing an actual bicycle. The town was straight out of the Goode Family cartoon sitcom. Another good chunk of people were basically straight out of a Lands End catalog. Everyone was in natural fiber cloths that were naturally dyed. Then you had the Under Armor crowd, but the guys were crammed into the shirts like sausages. Man muffin top and all. Large muffin. All of this was funny in it's sterotypicality.

First you have to drive through Lucas Valley. Which is beauty beyond belief.

When you hit this boat you are almost there.

Standard beach art.

The town bulletin board was filled with this crap.

And of course, many of the cars ran on the sun.

Mr S. noticed these two things in one of the store windows. He regretted not buying the crazy cat lady one. That is tech office gold.

At least try to watch a little of the Good Family. We were bummed they never renewed it. It was the most hilarious cartoon sitcom out there.

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  1. ZOMG, you find the most crazy shit, EVAR. :D :D :D

    And you're right about the bike wear and lack of bicycles!!! That didn't really sink in until you pointed it out.

    You have a good eye, Mrs. S. ;)

    And Mr. S., you totally should have got the Crazy Cat Lady action figure. Shame on you. Haha.