Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maybe it will be okay after all.

I think I blogged about my neighbors house getting robbed a couple of weeks ago. Last night I was in my kitchen when I saw a guy enter their house and walk around with a flashlight. Which freaked me out. Mr S. went out to confront the guy who turned out to be the neighbors grandson.

Today when I was out watering my lawn (because there is no rain in the universe) - the neighbor to my right came over to chat about golf. And whatever. I kinda like the old guy. We didn't really get to know him until our fence came down. And I like to tease him about giving me his pristine Stingray Corvette. Which is mostly just teasing because it's grey (therefore not a color) and you see how much love Corvettes get on this blog. Right? The body is in perfect condition though.

Anyway, I asked if he heard us out last night with the neighbors grand kid. They live directly in front of the one that got robbed. He went on to tell me he thought they ripped all the lights out of the house.

Me - What?

Him - I don't know for sure, but that's what I heard.

Me - Why would they do that?

I mean, this lady's house hasn't been updated in maybe decades. And she is like 80 years old. He goes on to say.... I remember when that family bought that house 30/35 years ago. The people fell behind on their mortgage and they got repossessed.


Him - Yeah. They ripped all the copper piping out.

Again I say - that house. And I point to it.

Him - Yeah he confirms.

Me - Just like now then. That is weird.

Doing rough math, that would have roughly been the 80's. I find the whole thing fascinating because I thought this recession had the sole reputation for copper theft. Who would have even known that copper was that valuable back then. History really does repeat itself I guess.

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