Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What do you think?

Remember a couple of weeks ago Mr S. went in for an eye check up and his doctor had a full on breakdown in front of us? I mean, this guy was crying for shits sakes.

I'd known him for quite a few years, so I wound up giving him my personal email. I mean, what else do you do? The whole thing was awkward for everyone.

All of a sudden I start getting spam from his office. Not once, but twice.

Mr S. decided on updating his reading glasses and when we went to pick them up, the doctor was just switching out patients and he noticed me there. I kind of just glared at him. Because in the tech world - that was a dick move. I would have just let it pass, but he persisted in trying to engage me.

I would have done it more privately, but finally I was like - Can you take my email out of your database?

Him - but I thought you wanted me to mail you.

Mr S. chimes in - Not with Spam.

This is where the doctor goes full retard.

Him - I didn't do that. I swear on my life.

I didn't want to argue with him. I mean, how else did my email get into their database? So I continue. Okay, can you just please remove it. When someone tells you they are giving you their personal email, that isn't an account for spam.

Him - I didn't do that and I can't believe you are reacting this way.

Okay, okay - please just remove it. Obviously this guy is really dug in.

Men, I swear - sometimes you make it so hard for yourselves. He could have just said he was sorry and moved on. But he had to dig in and double down. This whole thing could have been over by now. But no!

We get back to the house and a little while later, who do you think calls? His eye doctor. Who wants to talk to me. Which is just the weirdest thing ever. I'm not mad. I think it was a totally socially awkward Seinfeldian thing to do. But aside from that - all I want is not to get spam from him. That's all!

I'm not sure what to do at this point, because he said he was going to call back. How weird is that?! I don't know what to say to him. For effs sakes.


  1. Doctors aren't good w/ tech. I had the same thing happen w/ one of my guys once. He just added me to his contact software and didn't realize that it started automating the spam he was sending out. I didn't mind but it is weird b/c I'd rather just delete the spam then deal w/ the awkwaaaaard situation of requesting an opt out from someone I know. I bet he's using some fancy thing on Salesforce.com or that awful constant contact program and didn't realize he was sending spam. Of course you could have always just blacklisted his email account and never bring it up, but we wouldn't have stories like these if you took the passive way out like the rest of us.

  2. Yeah, that was probably the wiser way to do it.

  3. Sounds like these guys didn't have much in the way of training. The rabbits in Northern California carry it too, doesn't really kill you, more like Montazuma's revenge. Still worth checking check for ulcers when you do the field dressing though.