Friday, February 22, 2013

Dear World - you dissapoint me.

You know in California we have these idiotic plastic bag bans at supermarkets, right? You can get a plastic bag anywhere else, but the one place you have to buy a zillion small things - you have to bring your own bag or buy a paper bag. Which drives me batshit crazy. Sure I sometimes have bags in the car which I forget about until I'm in line.

This whole thing just pisses me off because this problem really ramped up when they wanted plastic bags to degrade faster. So, they started making them two hair lengths thick. Which made them so they couldn't even hold one orange without the bag ripping wide open.

People like me started using 2 or three just be able to walk out of the store without a box of tissues ripping open a bag. All of a sudden the streets were littered with plastic bags. Thin tiny wispy ones. But still. Now we are in a complete ban.

So, imagine my surprise this weekend when I ran into this at Lucky's. A Mylar looking bag right next to the ones they are selling patrons to comply with the ban. You know that is going to catch my attention. WTF - I say. Turns out, 2/3's of this bag is made of polyethylene. The exact same material they are screaming about now that wont break down and kills whales and kicks puppies. Only this thing is far thicker than the ones we used to get from the stores before the ban. After all, it's suppose to keep your cold stuff cold.

Let me just point out the green bag says "Reusable bag for a greener America"

I see they are also placing paper bags in the front isle for people to purchase. Which makes me want to run to the restaurant supply store and start selling paper bags at a discount out of the back of a van.

I've even started fantasizing about having a bag or two made up that says something like NO BAGGER NEEDED. Or something perhaps more clever than that. If I bring my own bag - I think I should also be able to bag myself. Putting bagger out of a job. So far I've been using trade show swag bags.

And then! I can't get an effing plastic bag to take my groceries to the car - BUT! I can get two watermelons in a mesh bag. Because it's to hard to say 2 for the price of 1. They need a bag!


  1. So far the plastic bag ban is not state-wide, it's mandatory only in the Bay Area (that figures, right?!). Here in the Central Valley the supermarkets still have plastic bags. If you bring your own shopping bags to Food4Less, you even get 4 cents credit for each one.


  2. OPPT may be the solution idk

  3. Huh. You don't say! I thought it was state wide by now. The whole thing is just obnoxious. Hey! Did you know if you shop small retailers - you don't have to pay the amazon internet tax? Here.

    I love any chance to tell amazon to eff off now. Traitors.

    Dashing - more verbose please?


    Honestly just discovered it yesterday and still learning. Interesting stuff is in the works.

    There's an Australian politician that has admitted it.

  5. I'm sorry to say - this sets off my scam alert *and* my commie vibe.

    Anything that bills itself as "One People" is a marker for socialist bullshit. For Example "People's Republic of China". The whole site is filled with "People's Public Trust" type language. This is always the type of feel good names socialists give to things to make it seem non threatening. It also helps them fly under the radar and disguise their true intentions.

    Also, if I can't figure out what the site does on the first page - it's probably some scam.


  6. In fairness, anything that says all the corporations, which includes governments and banks,in the world have been foreclosed upon should set off scam alerts :).

    I will investigate further whether it could have socialist leanings, but everything I have read in it focused on individual responsibility and not collective (haven't read much in fairness). In the document they have posted called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars "The social welfare program is nothing more than an open-ended credit balance
    system which creates a false capital industry to give nonproductive people a roof
    over their heads and food in their stomachs. This can be useful, however, because
    the recipients become state property in return for the "gift," a standing army for
    the elite. For he who pays the piper picks the tune." It doesn't seem to be promoting of socialism to me, but it could be a trap nevertheless.

    Also, we live in a pretty interesting situation in the US now anyways ;). Homeland Security has 2 billion hollow points taking practice at targets looking like old people, young children, and pregnant women.

  7. Maybe I will try to read through it again today. Usually the stronger the pitch the weaker the product. (or message) And anything that starts off telling me it's for "the people" almost never is. I looked through for a few minutes and everything seems wrapped in vaugeries.

    I do agree with the crazy times though. It's pretty depressing actually.

  8. It's a circle of life kind of thing. They phased out paper bags to save Teh Envornment from the evils of logging and deforestation. Now we are phasing them back in to save us from the evils of petroleum based plastic bags.

    Paper bags: Biodegradeable from a renewable resource.

    Plastic bags: Made from the same oil that is costing you $4.00 a gallon at the pump, doesn't biodegrade, and chokes/kills a variety of sea life and land animals.

    THIS is why I hate rabid environmentalism. Emotion rather than logic based.

  9. We still get plastic bags in Antioch, sounds like you need to move to the trashier part of town.

  10. Oh! Don't worry. We will be with you pretty soon. The town paper was just bragging about how the town employees get paid 24th best in the State. Which sounds super feel good until you actually read the towns who get paid more. 5 were in Riverside County. And one was Vernon. Needless to say I debbie downered that thread.

    It just looks pretty on the outside.