Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fishtank bear?

Today's been one of those days where everything goes wrong. I'd planned to do something else today, but Jasmine came down with a belly ache 2 days ago. So we decided to stick closer to home so we could check on her throughout the day. The thing with her is she drinks more than any other bunny we've had. So when the eventual belly ache comes, we have to be extra diligent to keep her hydrated.

So, we took in the lame home and garden show we were going to on Monday. It all turned out well because my camera's battery was full dead. I didn't realise it until I went to take a shot.

The Chrysler has some problem with a vapor lock. Which occasionally causes it to stall after it's just been filled with gas. Which it did. Some guys came to help Mr S. push me out of the road. For a moment I felt good about the world. I was telling Mr S. - the one thing you can usually count on with people. They will help you out of traffic. It's easy do-gooderism. Only takes a couple of minutes. You feel happy, the stalled person feels happy. When I've helped push people out of the road it makes me feel happy. And well, I also get to where I wanted to go. So it isn't exactly selfless. But it still feels good.

Not four stop signs later did I stall again. I flip on the flashers and we go to push again. Only this time the guy behind me was a dick. First he honked the horn. Which got him an "I"M BROKEN DOWN yell." I'm already out of the car at this point. Well move! Me - You can see my flashers are on! He went to say something else. I flipped him off then went to trying to get the car out of the middle of the road.

Which totally wiped out the good feeling of the first time. It's like the world said - oh, that made you feel good! Here. Take this one then. Balance, byatch.

But I did get you fish tank bear. Which sounds like the worst idea ever.

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