Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gee. Ya think?

"Maybe the payroll tax is a bigger deal than any of us thought," Brian Yarbrough, an analyst at Edward Jones, told Bloomberg. "
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Sometimes I just can't stand these losers. How can you not think this was a big deal Brian Yarbrough? Didn't you see the daily reports telling us this would shave up to 3.5% off of GDP? It is one thing to be a shill, but another to be genuinely shocked at this outcome.

What is a "big deal" is that this guy works for a brokerage house and he doesn't understand the effects of this particular flat tax. A 2% increase is going to make people feel worse the less you make. It's 2% whether you make 20 thousand dollars or 120 thousand dollars. The tax will hurt people way more at the lower income range. It doesn't really take any education to realize this. I talked about this here. I knew if I felt pinched by the tax increase, everyone making less than I do would also be hurting. This was almost an entire month ago!

When I saw the leaked Walmart emails, I like was - no shit sherlock! (which is what this guy is referencing). Yet someone who is paid to be an analyst finds it so confusing. It's like unicorns don't actually exist or something.

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