Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Woke up this morning to cops swarming my neighborhood. I guess my diagonal neighbor got broken into and ransacked, possibly last night. And I'm on the good side of town.

I guess it was a lucky break for the robber. One more set of houses and he would have met up with a cluster of houses with gun owners.

I guess it's also time to update the security cameras. Mine were just to protect our property. All the neighbors seem to know I have them, so I might as well not hide them anymore. Many years when I put them in after being vandalized you still seemed creepy to have them. Now I guess people have softened and you get to guard the whole neighborhood. Because the neighbors sent the police right over to my house.


  1. The downside to the cameras is that it breeds paranoia. W/O them you wouldn't even notice what was happening around you, but with them, you're just waiting for every punk who walks across the sidewalk to start causing trouble.

  2. Naaa. You would be stunned at just how boring your neighbors are. After a year or so with them - you forget you have them. Just don't go all Hunter S Thompson,Yo!