Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Three guys for every job.

I did manage to get my back fence replaced over the holiday in the least dramatic fashion ever. I sent Mr S. over to talk to the neighbors, and when he returned - he delivered the joyous news. They said yes. But not before telling him how much he hated having to keep the neighbors stuff off his property.

Me - Really? That guy! He is the last one who has room to complain I sarcastically laughed. I mean, all that stuff on the fence was growing through from his side.

But honestly I didn't even care at that point. Getting a neighbor to part with a thousand bucks right at the holidays was the only present I needed. My contractor was hungry and didn't annoy me at all. Plus Mr S. and I were playing video games anyway.

When I asked my new fence guy about a difference project, all of a sudden he tried to wedge himself into my go to guy for everything. I've got three guys for every job - he told me. Which each and every time I say it, I do so in a sing songey fashion because it just sounds like the opening line to a musical.

And in the end, I did cut my neighbor a break, because the shit he was trying to keep off his yard was bamboo. So I guess there are worse things than a monstrous shrub that is trying to eat your entire yard. The only thing holding that fence up was the shrub. It was never going to completely fall.

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