Friday, January 11, 2013

I've never seen anything like it.

This is not my photo. It belongs to Brett Martin. I think has the best photos.

I had to do some Google searching because I had a vague rememberance of the weather nerds talking about a correlation of hurricanes and dust storms coming off of Africa. Here ya go.


dashing said...

You see they are making guns with 3d printers?

she said: said...

Are you talking about the kickstarter campaign? Or?

I actually hadn't heard about it, Mr S. had. I have closely been watching the debate though. Mostly I've been trying to figure out if I thought it was real or hype. I don't really know exactly how they are manufactured. I don't know which parts are cast, and which are milled. Obviously the grips and stuff can be made out of a lot of things.

Mr S and I were having a big discussion about it last night because I don't know how this is different than having a lathe in your garage.

He did come up with a good comment about it though. He said you want a heavy gun. It absorbs all the energy. Otherwise you have to do all the absorbing. A plastic gun would just be a one shot, because the heat will ruin it after that. Which was an oh-yeah moment. I can't imagine the recoil on a plastic gun.

And it probably wouldn't be that accurate. I'm sticking with his opinion for now.