Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My husband taught me a new thing about broken down cars.

After we got out of emergency, we went to pick up prescriptions. Mr S. stayed in the car with it running. By the time I got out - my car had started overheating. In the red zone overheating. Have to shut the motor off, if you keep this motor on you won't have a motor style overheating. It's 37 out, and you saw the picture of Mr S. right? Not a great time to have to sit around and wait for the car to cool down.

All of a sudden Mr S. goes - turn the heat on full. What!? - I reply. Yeah, it will drain the heat from the motor, he says. I look at him like aaaaah...okay. I never heard of that. I thought I was the queen of macgyvering cars. You see, Mr S. and I like to play the who was poorer growing up game. Once my mom drove a car with a fist sized bubble in the tire because we couldn't afford to replace it. I've known crappy cars longer than I've known uncrappy cars.

But, I did it, and wouldn't you know it - it effing works. I'd forgotten about the problem until today, and the car started overheating again. It was just out of the red zone when I cranked the heat on 100%, and bam - down goes the motor temp by half. It's the most amazing thing ever.

Normally I would take this car right in. But my butt is a hurting from the payroll tax thing. That was a chunk of money. I'm guessing the sensor that turns on the fan is effed.


  1. Summer of 1984 or so, I was stuck waiting to get onto the Verrazano Bridge from the Jersey side. It was blazing hot, the traffic was going no place, and the heat gauge in my 1979 Corolla was getting close to the red zone. So I turned on the heating to pull heat off the engine. No idea where I got the idea from, but I certainly remember doing that. Was pretty unpleasant given the temperature, but we didn't overheat, so there you go!

  2. Keyser Soze You're like an old ghost. Good to see you.

    It really works doesn't it!? Although it gets old pretty quickly. Even in winter.