Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's the gift that keep on giving.

After I got back from CES and saw the flu map, I chuckled to myself. I knew I was screwed. Almost no one comes back from CES without getting sick. It's a running joke. They should make T-shirts that say - I went to CES and all I got was shit shitty cold.

By this weekend, every single year, one of has been sick. Usually me. Until this one. Yet. I'd gotten the flu exactly a month ago and was hoping that was my one off for the year. I was so sick I even had to cross the marital illusion.

What's that you ask? When my husband and I first started dating I had a girlfriend who would go to the bathroom with the door open in front of anyone. Her husband seemed okay with it. But I generally thought he was being accepting more than okay with it. So, at that point I vowed to keep a marital illusion.

The marital illusion involves all those things your partners body does, that you don't really want to know about. While you can't always prevent crossing the illusion barrier, if you have a long and happy marriage you will eventually get to see a lot of things you didn't want to know about. So why speed that process up. You can be normal, but not gross. Just like when you are dating.

Mr S. got sick a couple of days ago. Right on track. And it's not the same thing as I had. So, I have that to look forward to.

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