Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reflections on CES 2013

Every year I read about the death of CES. Which to some degree, I agree with them. Each year they take away all the stuff that draw men to these types of things. Willingly. I mean, other than the electronics which they are forced to be there for.

First they took away the AVN awards and moved it somewhere else. I always meant to go in one year, but now that they have moved it - I just don't have enough time to get there. And now it seems like more of a creepy thing, than a part of CES.

Then they took away the over the top vehicles. In favor of rows and rows and rows of cell phone case manufacturers and boring green energy cars. Having new tech inside the cars is not a help. If you could manage to get your ass in one of the seats, it just isn't that exciting. Although you will be glad to know the giant sub woofer trend is back. So exciting to look at speakers. Eye roll.

And honestly, if you've seen one tablet - you've almost seen them all. Yeah. Tablets of different sizes. Hurp.

This year it also looked like there were substantially less booth babes. I'm assuming because there was just so much of an uproar last year at how demeaning it was. It's practically prostitution you know. /Sarc.

TV's are thin. Got it. And they are super crisp. Check. So crisp it doesn't matter because there is no infrastructure to support it. But it will come. I think. If you look at the G in LG, that tiny sliver is a side shot of a TV. Impressive, but we all have giant TV's that you can watch from down the block. Just drive down any residential street at night.

Sure they brought in more celebrities this year. But it was just a little bit funner to spot randoms.

You get the occasional sighting of emerging tech to drum up excitement like Google glasses. But honestly I wasn't that excited. Other than bragging rights. Has anyone seen a display from these things? We know they exist. That part isn't exciting now. I would have been more excited if I thought those glasses had some secret conference hall mapping software. Half the problem of CES is just trying to find the things you really want to see. Especially with emerging technologies. I knew there were going to be about six 3D printing companies there, but I don't know who they all are. They don't group them in any logical fashion really. At least not this year. At least the previous years they had a "robotic zone".


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