Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The anaconda economy.

For anyone who works, owns property, and is generally responsible with their money - you have to treat this economy like an anaconda. Every time you exhale, it squeezes more tightly. Every brief period of euphoria should be met with greater intensity to improve your financial standing. For those times will be short. Use them all wisely.

The troubling thing I find about people lately is the recession has made them so tired, they tune out everything which does not make them happy. It's scary honestly, because it makes you see so vividly why things like the holocaust can happen. And yes, I know this is an overused term. People however do become tired and stop caring about the ills of the world. Follow this to it's conclusion. Even I find the draw of just tuning out to the world a brief vacation. A different reality as long as you are completely set for life.

People have not yet realised how much of a hit our economy just took. I know what my pay range is, and I can assure you - everyone who makes less than I do - is smarting. If the 2% payroll tax increase hurt me - I have a good idea of how many people it did hurt. But none of them know it yet and are playing rabbit. Pretending like they aren't injured because everyone else doesn't seem alarmed.

A couple of weeks ago I was paying my insurance. I've known the guy for forever now. I left that conversation wide eyed and scared.

He was trying to convince me everything was fine. I was trying to convince him it wasn't. When I told him I thought the tax increases were really going to hurt people. He basically compared the tax increases to taking away a cookie from a child.

It was at that moment I realised that people have no idea the pain they are in. And every conversation I've has since, only reinforces that belief. People just don't want to "dwell" on the economy. I wonder if they even know they are now living under socialism. Or even if they care.

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