Sunday, January 20, 2013


Driving around with your heat on gets old really quickly. Especially if there is any kind of traffic. You need to have it on full blast. So, I've been dealing with that the last couple of days.

First we took it to the dealership because I thought the problem was under a recall. After they hadn't even put in on a rack in a half a day - we pulled it and took it to our regular mechanic. My car wasn't listed in their system as under a recall, and that means they were going to charge me a butt load of money. And I was happy to not give those bastards any money. I'm so bitter about the whole experience. From buying the car, to getting to enjoy having it in the shop all the time. My car is the biggest lemon on the planet. I should have traded that thing in when my tires needed to be replaced at 16 thousand miles. It's been down hill every since.

But, I'm all fixed now for 1700 bucks. Yeah. It's 1700 bucks less I can put towards a down payment to get rid of this bad memory. But I have two new fans, water pump, and torque struts. Yeah, it sounds like a bullshit add on. And at first I said I wasn't going to fix it. But they clearly were cracked.

I think I'm close to having replaced almost my whole front end. I mean, I admit - I drive the car pretty hard. It's got a Hemi in it. But it's only 6 years old. That can't be normal.

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