Friday, January 11, 2013

I think Google glasses are vaporware.

Mr S. and I have been having quite a few conversations about the Google glasses. Mainly because when I was trying to get my photo I got this vibe that the woman was trying to avoid me. But, she's at one of the biggest trade shows on the planet. You are just imagining things I tell myself. You try to take a shot and they rotate a few degrees to make it so you can't get a good one. You adjust, and they rotate a few degrees again.

I got about 4 shots off, and we both went to walk off. But I second guessed my pictures and took off to find her to try and get a candid shot. When I asked her, she said they weren't suppose to.

I was thinking about the product more this evening. How do they get the power? It's really all I want to know about the glasses now. You all have devices right? You all know what kind of batteries it takes to power things. Right? And how quickly battery operated devices stay charged.

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