Friday, January 04, 2013

Dear people of the world attending International CES - quit being assholes.

This is the time of year where I get these waves of excitement. Only to be replaced a few hours later with dread. And things would be better by half if the people who brought their luggage to the show floor would quit being the biggest assholes in the entire world. Not only do you have to dodge zombie people, you have to dodge their zombie luggage.

They leave them in the middle of walking rows. Like women do with shopping carts in the supermarket. Stop see something. Walk away from luggage. Or they will make a 45 degree turn right in front of you. They make it hard to get around them. Which is all I want to do. Honestly, by the end of the show I want to freak out on people with rolling luggage. They are the biggest dicks on the planet. Completely inconsiderate and clueless assholes. All of them.

Oh! I forgot to add that last night Mr S. and I were brain storming on pulling pranks on these people. He came up with the idea that if you could 3D print a little suitcase foot break. So when they go to roll around they'd have to unstick it. Because really, it's what it feels like for people who actually have to maneuver around them.

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