Sunday, August 21, 2011

This years crop of shit you can't afford.

I'm too tired to get my shots out tonight. Since I already teased this one, I offloaded some shots to tide you over.

Getting close to these cars is a little hard sometimes. You have to have a special pass to get across the chain. I couldn't find anyone to get a pass from - so I just went over the chain and got as close as I could.

I might have more shots when Mr S. offloads mint berry crunch. And all the stuff you are getting this year - is stuff that normally never makes it to my blog. Like BMW's. I would never put one in my car section. Check out those rims.


  1. 2nd try cuz of Googles asking for a number for a phone I don't have.

    Anyway, that BMW sure looks like an updated version of the Batmobile from the 60s TV show...

    The word for me WAS cordon, like they're trying to cordon you off from the fancy cars. Didn't work, did it? You just climbed over it. Go Mrs. S!

  2. Yeah, I love how you threw caution to the wind and climbed right over the chain, ha!

    It's still one fugly car, though, no matter from which angle you view it. *shudder*

  3. I kinda like it. If they ripped all that crap off the trunk.

    I like a car with a good solid wide nose like a Viper. They'd have to round off the back too. For symmetry.

    I normally try to respect the rules of the venue, but sometimes you just have to do a prison break.