Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wall street drunk on their own farts.

Ahhhhh. All the cheer leading analysts are out in force. Don't sell now. There is going to be better growth at the back end of the year.

My only question to them is - what is the catalyst? I can see a ton of downside catalysts.

When I go into stores these days - I am struck how they have been selling all the same shit for at least four/five years. The home improvement stores are stuck in a time warp. I inevitably think - how can they not have one thing I haven't seen? It's been years! And really how can there be new things? Capitol markets have been effed.

This is the Christmas product window. Anything that is new, and will make the product window, will be leaking soon so they can to grow enthusiasm. And really, I haven't even seen companies teasing that much stuff they hope will make the window.

Sure, cell phones and tablets are great, but - that alone is not going to hold the whole market up.

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  1. OMG, that headline almost made me spew my drink all over the keyboard.

    Funniest blog opening ever, even if the topic overall just SUCKS.

    I would say I'm glad I'm not an investor, but I did just buy into a retirement plan through my job. It's diversified, but still. Meh.