Sunday, August 07, 2011

I thought it was appropriate.

Not going to lie - I feel doomish about the week. I feel really uncomfortable when no one on earth knows what will happen.

I'm sure it will be nothing for a few days, then - not so nothing. I mean, there is never a case of the banks just saying - yeah, you are a crappier risk - but, that's okay. No probs.

As a side note as we were walking up to this thing Mr S says - it's kind of a weird theme for a slide isn't it?

Me - why?

Him - well, why not a hurricane Katrina slide or a WTC slide? A bunch of people died. It's kinda a weird theme.


  1. I spent yesterday (Saturday) feeling sort of crappy about the upcoming week. Then as I'm walking out of the grocery store last night I look at the newspaper stand and see a big headline above a story that says my bank's gone under. or been closed. or sold. or something. we're told that the money is still there with the new bank, but still.

    Now I'm going into the week feeling real crappy.


  2. Wow. That totally sucks. I'd noticed FDIC Friday had ticked up in recent weeks. Sucks you got caught in it.

  3. At least we didn't lose any money, the GOVERNMENT (fdic) saved us! Thank God for the GOVERNMENT, huh? But it's a pain with the old accts, the new banks, credit card acceptance (I run a business), transferring all the automatic payments like insurance, our daughter's college fund monthly payments (and where's that going with the dow down 1000?). blah, blah, blah.

    Oh, crap, now I'm all bummed out again. And it's all your fault, Mrs. S!

  4. Oh - no! None of this is my fault. We are not in this together. This is not a world of my making. I don't create the news or circumstances.

    If the economy wasn't draining away resources - I would be happy blogging about techie or odd things.

    I do know it much it sucks to have to transfer all your stuff though. One of my CCards spits out new cards a couple of times a year due to security breaches. I have to find all my revolving charges and switch. Not as bad as switching all that comes with a company though.

  5. Oh, of course it's all your fault. You're writing about it aren't you?

    Yeah, it's a pain to switch the automatic payment stuff.

    But you know, I read you for the cars! And where are they? you haven't had any for almost a month! Here in my neck of the world where I "volantarily" relocated 11 yrs ago there ain't nuttin'! The fanciest car I've seen in 6 months (aside from your pix) is the '85 Camaro the dealer next to us has for just under $3K. Hey, I just went to the blue book place and maybe $3K isn't bad....


  6. Well, things are looking up for you then. ;) Next weekend I have that Pebble Beach show where they have all those concepts. And I think I have an old timey show the same weekend.

    Monterrey takes a long time to get in and out. It took me three hours to get home last time. So, it will take me a while to post stuff.

    It's nice to know why you guys come. I tend to think I overload people on the cars. So, I hold some stuff back.

    "Oh, of course it's all your fault. You're writing about it aren't you?"

    Sorry. I get sensitive about this stuff. I had a ton of people who lost their houses tell me "we only have ourselves to blame." Where I would say - no "we" don't.

    It seems like a constant diffusion. "If we are all in this together, then you can't call me a tard." It's just group speak.