Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I never thought I could be so in love.

I rotated out of my old HTC smart phone into a new Motorola Photon.

My old phone took 10 seconds to switch screens. Which made me want to damage it. All the time.

Phone technology is just moving so fast - it's painful to wait for a 2 year contract to be up. Unlike the computer industry right now - your phone will be twice as powerful in a year.

My old phone couldn't load any embedded videos. I was restricted to three tabs. And every time you wanted to travel a page link - somehow you were maxed out. So you'd have to close a few windows just so you could link click.

My new phone is just like a tiny computer. And it has things I never knew I needed - but now love. Like sending a text messages by voice. Instead of using your hands like a sucker to type things out. It loads all my data intensive weather porn vapor loops. I can hook it to my TV for HDMI out. And Motorola knows I have ADD so they give you instructional videos on how to get acquainted with your phone.

OH! And apparently if you go to a web page that has a phone number listed, it will switch your phone to call the site number with just a tap. I haven't tried it yet.

And I can finally download some augmented reality apps and find out what my lettuce is trying to tell me. Yeah.. the butter lettuce I just bought has a QR code.

I waited two years for an app for the HTC. Never came.


  1. Nice!!! How's the battery life?

  2. Oh! That would be your first question. ;)

    I would say..... not great.

    I've been draining the battery every day. But then, I haven't optimized yet, and I'm still downloading stuff.

    Having tweetfeed up all night took my battery down by half. The twitter buffer is enormous. But then - my addiction is large. And you can get anywhere on the net. So you want to.

    I should tweek my settings, and it would make some of that better. Also 4G apparently drains the battery more. I could turn that down.