Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Cutting the CAT5 cord.

Today I was talking with a long time acquaintance who was interested in my phone.

She was telling me about her friend who was looking at smart phones because she wanted to stop paying for land line Internet service. She was going to go smart phone Internet only. Not even an air card.

Which I thought was fascinating. I mean - I knew this was coming. Phones are going to be tiny computers in your pocket. Still, I guess my brain hadn't followed this whole trend to it's eventual conclusion. Less business for dedicated Internet service.


  1. I know I'd like to ditch the land line eventually, but the Green Magpie isn't ready to give it up yet. Mine is owned by the Asshole Telephone Taxes-and-regulatory-fee-you-to-death-company. Green Magpie made a one-minute call to Manteca (and you know where I live) last month, and with fees (TAXES!!) it came to five effing dollars. Which is why we usually only make calls on our cell phones. He won't make the mistake of using the land line again (we only have it for incoming business calls and Internet access).

    Can't talk him into giving up his flip phone or the "regular" computer yet either. :) Some day.