Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A tail of two fires.

The fire season around here has been pretty tame the last couple of years. It is hot today though. So I guess it's no surprise to see that familiar plume in the sky.

I had to get some stuff done by 1:00 and figured if the fire was still burning by the time I was done - I'd chase it down. From experience fires are much further away than you think they are.

They seemed to have it pretty much knocked down, but they still had a lot of air resources in the sky. And I kinda like taking pictures of that.

From my vantage point the fire was just over a ridge. You can see they were still dropping fire retardant. It's that pink line at the horizon.

I was about to try and find the spot where the chopper was sucking water, when I see this whole knew plume on the other side of town.

So I hustle over there. Which turned out to be a very involved car fire on the freeway.

This was all that was left of the car.


  1. Was one of these around 3:30pm? I saw a bunch of smoke was I was getting off BART. Fortunately none close to the freeway, so traffic wasn't affected.

  2. ...as I was getting off BART. (And I could have sworn I hit "Preview," not "Publish." Meh. :P)

  3. If it was off toward windmill grade, that would have been it. My time stamp is 3:45, and it would have only taken me a few minutes to get to the house and download.

    They had it stamped down super quick.