Monday, December 31, 2007

In the new year.

This morning, I thought I was just going to make an entry wishing all my readers a wonderful New Year. I do sincerely hope the New Year brings you the things that most make you happy. Family, friends.. not wanting to beat people in the stores. You know.. that kind of thing.

I figured I'd reveal that even though I'm not one who makes resolutions - maybe this year there was something I hoped I could accomplish. I'm not sure if its really a resolution... but it would be nice nonetheless.

It is to be less suspicious of people. And maybe a little more trusting.

You see this morning Mr S. and I had decided to start the New Year off by taking a couple of days off from the crap shack and sleeping in. The sleep quiets some of the daemons. I wasn't feeling sarcastic at all this morning.

Over the Christmas break - we'd been watching a lot of those flip shows. We wanted to make sure we weren't doing the same thing people on those shows were doing. Hello travertine. All of a sudden I'd started feeling pressure to get more stuff done at the house.

Which was kind of weird, because our plan had never been to turn the house in super short time frame. We didn't want the process to be super stressful. We'd factored in a ton of time and were already way ahead of schedule anyway.

We hadn't accounted for getting more workers than we needed. If we just wanted to do a quick job we could get the house back on the market in a month. But we didn't want to do that. So, it was nice having a few days to regroup and sleep in.

But then my zen was broken, because I realised I would have to go to the store since everything would be closed tomorrow.

Everyone here knows the store is something that is guaranteed to make me surly.

I thought there wasn't anything that made me hate doing that chore more than I already do - but apparently there is. Cell phones. Don't get me wrong, I love my cell phone - but I still try to be courteous when using it in public. I still walk out of the store when people call me so I can have a conversation. If I do use it in stores I have very brief conversations.

Most people do not however. And if you are on the side people are holding their phones - you are basically in their blind spot. Magnify this by a zillion people.

You can't get passed them. You can't get your stuff. Just annoying. I should know better to go the store the day before a holiday. Or ever.

At any rate.. I still hope everyone has a wonderful New year. Anyone want to share anything they hope they can accomplish for the New Year?

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