Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dear Amazon.

This is my recipe box.

You would make me the happiest woman on earth - if I could put these on the Kindle. I don't want you to sell me recipe books. I'm a magazine page puller.

I just want to be able to scan these in, and be able to index them. In essence, make my own recipe book (for a price of course).

Your New Kindle Customer.


  1. I kept seeing the Kindle on the AMazon site, and just knew you were going to get one. Those things are cool!

    My recipe book is a $2.00 journal from the Borders bargan table. I cut out the recipes I like and glue them in.

  2. The funny thing is I'm completely illiterate. But, if Mr S. is going to get one, I might as well glom on.

    For now, I actually think the Kindles are a little lame. They have a lot of potential. But Amazon is under-utilizing their market.

    "I cut out the recipes I like and glue them in."

    I have one of those too. But I'm always afraid the glue is going to fail and stuff will fall out and get crumpled. Especially because I like to keep the whole page which often has pictures.. cause like I said.. I'm illiterate.