Sunday, December 16, 2007

They just suck all the fun out of it.

Mr S. and I aren't doing anything much this Christmas.

Rest is the present we are giving ourselves. Sweet - delicious - rest. And I couldn't be happier. Let me tell you why.

The one thing we did decide to do - was update our cell phones. And it couldn't have been more of a pain in the ass. It actually reminded me a lot of being in the doctors office. You give them your name. You sit down in the waiting room.. I mean waiting area. The cell phone company puts on a glove, and puts his hand up your wallet. Well.. something like that.

It mostly annoyed me that it took a solid hour. Even though we knew exactly which phone we wanted, a Verizon XV6800 - this one:

We didn't have any questions, and basically only had one person on the waiting list in front of us. We were pretty excited about buying the phones, but they managed to suck all the joy out of it. And, by the time we left I was in a surly mood.

But, I really needed a new phone. When using mine, it was getting to be a daily occurrence that I wanted to throw it into a wall. Or firmly jam my heel right into the center of it. There were so many things I hated about my phone. The way the buttons were all placed in inconvenient places, and got pushed all the time. No matter how careful you were.

Getting the camera to come up took an extraordinarily long time. And despite turning the phone off, you could still activate all the features of the phone. Particularly annoying was random redialing of people in your phone book. So annoying in fact, I refused to enter any of the numbers of my friends into my contact area. I was afraid I'd be out, and even thought I'd turned the phone off - just holding the phone in my hand the wrong way would cause it to randomly call someone in my phone book.

Even worse, the phone would have some devil lock on the line. So the person the phone had called, just couldn't hang up on their side and get their phone line back.

I can't tell you how many times my husbands phone called me from his pocket, and I'd be reduced to screaming into the phone in the hopes he could hear me so he would hang up. I wouldn't be able to use the line until his phone terminated the connection. Just.. so annoying.

Anyway. The new phones are a great improvement over the old model. They are faster, and actually have better reception. But - its only day 2, and I'm probably high on the factory air.

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