Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Natural disaster for hire.

I hope to post some pictures tomorrow of the crap shack. Things are moving so fast I can barely keep up.

So fast, in fact, one of my new neighbors called the fucking building inspector on me.

I get to the house today and my roofer informs me the inspector was just here.

I figured it was just one of the inspections for the roof. As I recall there are 2. So I didn't think much about it until he told me I got called in. Which totally pisses me off. Just wait until you see some pictures of the place! Those people should be fucking leaving me presents. Not calling me in.

At any rate.. since I don't cut corners, it wasn't a big deal other then making me want to stink eye every one of the neighbors.

The funny thing is when I asked my roofer who he thought did it, he pointed to two houses. One of them is house where my friend lives. My roofer doesn't know she lives there.

I'm sure the neighbors are annoyed about the noise, but that is a very temporary thing. My guys gutted my house in two days flat. I've never seen anything like it. When my roofer went to unload his dump trailer it weighed 12 thousand pounds. The dump-master said he'd never come in weighing that much. 12 thousand pounds people!

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