Monday, December 17, 2007

I don't know why I'd want to - but I'm gonna.

Some of you may remember Mr S. talked me into buying a slingbox a while back. (Here)

It was mostly a brilliant effort to placate me.

He was trying to minimize the pain of staying at bitchopalloza. I thought the whole thing was a little frivolous. But, he wore me down by saying that when we upgraded our cell phones, we'd be able to use the slingbox on them. I gave in.

We have new cell phones. Now you must look!

Survivor on my cellphone!

There is no earthly reason why I need to watch TV on my phone, but you honestly have to marvel at how fucking good it looks. And the frame rate is actually really damn good. And then..look at this!

All you diehards will know what this is. So I'm not even going to 'splane it.

If you need a guess, let me know.

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