Thursday, December 27, 2007

What's bothering me today.

I actually didn't think I was going to post today. We've been over at the crap shack painting. You can't imagine how much I love the smell of paint. Just add a paint gun, and things are fabulous! Paint contractors think they are so special. But they just aren't. Especially if you don't have to protect anything.

Anyway.. I have two things that were bothering me today. Both of them because my paint gun hose had a leak, and I had to go to Home Depot. Which was still better than paying a contractor to paint.

This is the first thing:

Who's fucking idea was it to make those plastic bags you get at the store so thin? For months I've been getting slightly more annoyed at buying something. Walking out to my car to have the bag virtually explode. Even when I have things which have no corners to rip them.

Say for instance a perfectly round can will cause one of those bags to tear in three places. Count it! Three! It makes me want to use 20 of them - which is super annoying, because I know the reason they are making them that way - is so they will break down in landfills.

But honestly... I actually have to use three of them to do what one bag used to. And it isn't just the shopping bags. Its vegi bags too. How a cucumber can cause a vegi bag to wind up completely shredded is beyond me.

The is thing number two:

The hoodie phase. Yep.. that's it.

I really don't like not being able to see someones face. I especially don't like a car full of young boys all decked out with their hoodies on. Especially if they are driving.

And before you go there.. it isn't a race thing. Its a young male thing. If you are a young male, chances are your going to eventually do some dumb-ass thing. And when you do, I'd like to identify you.

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