Friday, December 28, 2007

Maybe they are special.

I woke up this morning feeling rough. Yesterday we'd only gotten a room and a half primed, so I was a little surprised at how much my body was hating me this morning. Normally that little of activity wouldn't be making me feel this way.

Mr S. and I went to breakfast, and I debated my sanity in not hiring someone to paint the inside of the crap shack. If I was feeling this way after only a room and half, this was going to suck. I had 80% of the house left to go. I started wondering if painters were special after all. Especially after making a snarky comment they weren't.

We got to the house this morning, and Mr S. went to get coffee. Somewhere in that time - I completely found my groove. By the time he got back I was done with two rooms. He could barely keep up taping off rooms in front of me.

In the end, today we got 80% of the house primed. I think I might have been able to bust the whole thing out if my girlfriend/neighbor hadn't stopped by.

So, for now... the painters can be replaced.

Maybe with robots.


  1. Hazza!

    Makes me sound horrible huh? I just figure if a girl with a paint gun can pown a painting crew...those guys need to step it up or charge less.

    Or - maybe I get some weird super powers from sniffing paint.