Monday, December 24, 2007

Its all about the arch.

I should have been getting my bake on today.. but instead we were dealing with contractors.

Yes... on Christmas eve.

I'm pretty sure they aren't even heathen atheists like we are. But, they chose when they wanted to work, and as long as they aren't pissing off the crapshack neighbors - I'm happy to let them.

The day started out simply enough. Do a drive by at the crapshack. See if anything unexpected cropped up, and see if they guys needed anything. Go to the bank. Come back and start cooking. Simple.. right?


The guys were putting up the gates today, and when we got to the house they had one side hung. And it was terribly wrong.

I had my heart set on a gate with an arch, and the side they had up - was an arch. But it was such an exaggerated arch that the side that attached to the post was only as high as my hip. The side that attached to the other gate was taller than I am. That's a couple of feet from one side to the other.

At this point we start trying to figure out if we can salvage the gates without making it look like a hack job. And it didn't look like that was going to happen.

Mr S. says he can make a template, because he understands what I'm looking for. He sets off to the house. I set off to the bank and Home depot, because we need more hardware to support the extra weight of the gates.

I think it actually took about two hours and 5 people to work out a simple arch.

Apparently arches are much more complicated than you would ever expect. It seems like such a simple thing.. but it turns out not. But the gates are up, and I'm actually a little wore out. Hopefully I can gain a second wind, because I didn't really expect to have a big contractor issue today.


  1. So are you guys going to eventually move into that house, or are you just flipping?

  2. Naaa.. Were not moving in.

    Which is good because I already hate the neighbors.

    Not only did they turn me in to the building inspector. Which I'm bitter about.. It just seemed spiteful. Even though it didn't do them any good.

    Today we got to the house, and the neighbor to the right has decided our driveway on the property (not on the street) is an extension of his and was parked in it. Who does that?

  3. Oh! oh! Does he drive a huge ugly green Escalade?! 'Cause that would be my neighbor too!

  4. No.. a teeny weenie mini van. And a barking dog that is going to make me go crazy.

    But, the bright side is the neighbors are big on turning people in. So maybe one of them will get sick of it and handle it. Preferably before I sell the place to an unsuspecting nice family.