Thursday, June 09, 2022

This is not slowing down.

I'm pretty sure there was a reason our ancestors didn't decide to live with communicable diseases. The government printing GOBS of money gave the illusion that wave after wave of illness isn't going to decimate business and "living with COvid" was going to to be just fine and dandy. 

I mean, seriously.... what "tools" do they have to fight a downturn at this point after handing people almost 100 grand completely tax free?

Now, we are trying to make sense of a new threat. Monkeypox has reached 15 States as of this morning. Even my county has a case now. Instead of this slowing down... it does seem to be accelerating. 

While trying to make sense of all the reports - an interesting (IMO) case popped up. Because everyone is searching for pustules.  This guy apparently didn't get ANY of that. Not like it matters at all because the Texas case got right on a plane from Mexico after he was told he has the POX.

At any rate....I think it's pretty likely this gets crazy because we obviously have some asymptomatic spread. 

Also, there is starting to be some pretty serious talk about lab manipulation with the POX. All experts now say it is highly unusual for this virus to mutate the way it currently is. It would take 50 years in the wild as it's had a fairly stable mutation rate. Something like one or to a year. This one has some 40 odd mutations.

But.. I see people all over saying what hypochondriacs we are. Good luck with that. Virus always wins.  It seems like America is taking the same lazy path on the pox. Other countries warning us, and the US just saying LOL.

Let's see how funny it is when the government isn't printing GOBS of money.

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