Friday, June 17, 2022

I'm sure he will live. (probably)

It's already too late basically. It's in 20 States and 40 41 countries. We have community spread in Hawaii and Sacramento and Georgia apparently... so all those gay gay gays are not the only ones who can get it. It's definitely not airborne like SARS COv2.

Thankfully it's so mild people have to be on morphne. Animal workers are already starting to be forced into being vaccinated because people are too stupid to not let this happen. Once in the animal population all bets are off what it mutates into.

The vaccine hasn't really been tested on anyone. So that's great news.

Mr S. thinks the government keeps denying how bad the problem is because if they do then people will expect a plan. And it turns out - they never had a plan. Hell they didn't even have masks in the strategic reserve. I'd place money that they don't have all the vaxxes they need either.

But don't worry! Such a clown show. 

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