Thursday, June 02, 2022

don't worry!

Trump should run on just blowing up the CDC. Because they clearly do not know how to control disease.

I wanted to show everyone how Australian HACK doctors are talking about the monkeypox outbreak. Our media will be doing exactly the same thing soon. We just don't have enough cases yet. These same types of hacks said COVID would never get into the US.

The article starts out with a fake narrative of someone being "terrified" of catching the Pox. The "doctors" reply? 

"Hi Sharon, remember when you were a kid being terrified of the monster under the bed? Most of your terror came from the unknown, and you would imagine the creature below from spooky shadows and mysterious sounds creaking throughout the night. Do you remember when all that terror was put to bed when all you had to do was check underneath and see nothing was there? The Monkeypox virus has become your new monster under the bed. In order to calm yourself down, you need to be informed of what it actually is, its potential danger to yourself and others, and how to limit transmission. "

The message? You are just being a big fat pussy. You are imagining things.

Now to the infuriating part.

Is monkeypox dangerous? 

"Now to the danger of monkeypox. Let’s start out by saying there are treatments and vaccines that work for it – so at this stage no need to worry about waiting a year for one to be made if it turns into a worldwide pandemic. With monkeypox, vaccination will only be needed for individual cases and due to its incubation period of up to 21 days, close contacts. There will be no need for a widespread vaccination effort as at this stage it requires contact of a susceptible person with body fluids.

The transmission rate for monkeypox is also very low – with only about 3 per cent of contacts being infected. '

If you type treatment monkeypox into google - this is the FIRST thing that comes up!@

"At this time, there are no specific treatments available for monkeypox infection, but monkeypox outbreaks can be controlled. Smallpox vaccine, cidofovir, ST-246, and vaccinia immune globulin (VIG) can be used to control a monkeypox outbreak. "


Lemme tell you... when this first hit I was like - oh yeah I will get that vaccination. everyone had it when I was a kid. But then you start reading about it and you can see why they stopped giving it. At the time (in 2002) they called it the most dangerous vaccine on earth!

The minute that virus got on a plane - the world became fucked. Last night there are something like over 900 cases in 30! countries.

When this first hit, all the virologists I follow said - either the virus has changed or we have changed. I think it might be both. And I don't think I am vaccinated. I would have been too young. If school didn't force the vaccination I didn't get it. We weren't anti vax. We were poor.

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