Tuesday, June 07, 2022

People are poorly adapted to pain.

They will do the craziest things to avoid it, even if it drags the problem out for much longer. They ALWAYS refuse the hard short path in favor of the slightly milder indefinite pain path. It's the craziest thing. It's why the housing crisis lasted so long. And it's why what we are going through now is not going away any time soon.

I find it very hard to find things to post about because i think everyone is living in a complete fantacy.

For instance....I think most of this inflation talk is bullshit. Oh - prices certainly ARE high. But what do you expect when the government FORGIVES 4.1 MILLION PPP loans. Average loan? 95,700. There is always a point in a crisis when you feel like a real chump and this is certainly it. There were many times in the housing crisis that losers got handouts. Those people squandered it anyway, and basically that's what is happening now. Everyone thinks they are a genius when the government is handing out free money. And even worse..... the requirement of PPP loan forgiveness was too spend 60% on staff.
What do you think happens when they can't continue employing those people because it wasn't based on increased earnings?

It was super perplexing during the pandemic that every business staffed WAY up.  Based ENTIRELY on nothing more than a one time benefit.

So....we are three years into this pandemic, and we aren't really too further along. I'd say we are much worse off. I mean, we have two countries (The UK and Canada) that are freaking out about how newly disabled people are going to swamp the system. Thank goodness this is all just a bad cold.

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