Thursday, June 16, 2022

How Boomers are assholes in one tweet.

I know this person is a Boomer because I'm GenX and I was too young to get the shot.  

This person seems to understand getting these diseases as an adult, is bad. But, because they got a shot as a child, everyone else is over reacting. Despite them stopping the shot in 1972.

It's going to be super fun to find out the REAL immunity in the Boomer group because a couple people with Monkeypox had been vaccinated against small pox. One I believe was in the 90's. When this report everyone was sort of shocked because it was well pas the point where it was mandated.

The US now has cases in 19 States in ONE MONTH. The WHO is saying we need to act with speed to get this under control, and basically you can see how things are going to go from the above tweet. As usual... the US is like LOL! The pox is actually spreading faster than COVID SARS-2.

I'm actually cool with everything right now because I think this is a self resolving problem. We should have stopped requiring masks year one. No one learned anything from the training wheel phase. And worse! Workers have ZERO protections. I mean, I'm starting to read stories of doctors being denied disability benefits for long COvID SARS-2. Super fucked up.


  1. My kids all got Chicken Pox, my grandkids got the vaccine for it.
    (A real vaccine, the kind that keeps you from getting whatever it is you're vaccinated for).

    The chicken pox was not fatal but it sure was miserable for them.

    My wife keeps reading me things about Small Pox and Monkey Pox. Some entity is trying to scare her as she never reads about Chicken pox & Monkey Pox.

  2. Maybe because she is smart and knows Monkeypox is acting in ways we have never seen before. And that foreign actors have tried to turn this into a bioweapon many times.

    Still going with the scared narrative huh? I'm sure "the little lady" enjoys that. I'm sure she's just a bit hysterical.

    1. "Little lady"? You don't know me but it's your blog so you can be an ass if you want. .

      Ya fear.
      It worked last time, how many times did you see covid (Chinese flu) compared to the Spanish flu of 1918? It was not even close to the Spanish flu.
      No one compared it to the pandemics of 1957 or 1968, it was real close to those but no one knew they they happened. No mileage there.

  3. I think what frustrates me the most is when people compare diseases that occurred naturally to SARS-2 and monkeypox.

    There is almost no one on earth that doesn't believe SARS-2 escaped from a lab.

    Monkeypox also was created in a lab environment.

    Why do you think they will act the way you think they should? And why do you think you know everything when the scientist know nothing?

    Right now monkeypox is growing at about 25% percent day. We should all be concerned about diseases we know nothing about doing that.

    I've stopped calling "the Chinese flu" Covid because it's just SARS. That time the government changed the name because it was "too scary". LOL