Friday, June 10, 2022

820 Days in...

And still this:

When will COVID-19 start to fade away? Experts say Houston is in the midst of another surge

"The wastewater right now, the COVID is just as bad as it was late August, early September, which was a major surge. It is not quite as bad as the omicron surge in early January," McDeavitt explained. 

COVID concern has become less for a lot of people, but one question we would all like to know the answer to: When will this virus finally be just another sickness we have to deal with? 

"I can't predict exactly when that's going to occur. I think we are probably a surge or two away from that happening. Perhaps as we get through this winter, I think it's going to be fully baked into sort of our background psyche...It's going to be with us forever. I think we are within probably weeks to months of having it just in the background like all of the other infectious diseases we always have to deal with," McDeavitt said."

You have to excuse me for being extra surly lately. I've spent the last year being completely canceled from society by people who just don't know what the fuck they are talking about.

People like me have been called neurotic, controlling,  safety cult, Karen, sheep. Just name a few. Just for telling people the truth the whole time.

Now..... you've got your wish. This is what endemic means for COVID. Good job everyone. This is the BEST it gets. Just wait till you see what version 4 and 5 do.

And then these asshole "experts" saying we are just a surge or two away from it being nothing. I thought the last version was the offramp version. 

I literally see people all the time that take these experts opinions and don't protect themselves. People who CLEARLY should be. If I can see you have diabetes from just looking at you - maybe you are the first person that needs protection. And these are not fatties. They are skinny old guys who have bandages on their calves and that weird diabetes color creeping up their legs. But.... it's their choice.

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