Friday, June 10, 2022

I just can't take this stupidity anymore.

I'm so tired. America basically deserves what it gets at this point because of these clowns. We are living the real life Idiocracy movie.

So... this morning I log in to see wha the internets are saying and hit this article.

Diseases suppressed during Covid are coming back in new and peculiar ways.

"As the Covid-19 pandemic and resultant social restrictions have abated in much of the world, other viruses are rearing their heads in new and unusual ways. 

Influenza, Respiratory syncytial virus, adenovirus, tuberculosis and monkeypox are among a number of viruses to have spiked and exhibited strange behaviors in recent months.   <----

Health experts say Covid-19 restrictions could have reduced exposure and lowered immunity to infectious diseases, making society more vulnerable to new outbreaks."

FFS! Lockdowns have reduced exposure too TB?!? A very infectious disease that we basically eradicated.  Now they are normalized living with TB? 

I just can't even when people don't even know what diseases we are suppose to reduce exposure too. Also they stopped vaccinating in 2005 because we had eradicated it!

The whole chin diaper thing is going to be funny with this one. Let's see how we are fixing this. Herd immunity? Moving on?

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