Monday, June 20, 2022

I would like to make a heartfelt apology to my readers.

I realize I have become a sort of a dick and I apologize for that. I know people are just trying to get through this stupid time the best they can.
Having said that......I believe this "fear" narrative is the phoniest thing ever. It's just a way for Republicans to peer pressure you into not talking about things the herd doesn't want you to. 
That is not happening here. The "fear narrative" is going to trigger me every time because I don't believe it exists.  But, I will try to not be condescending.
You guys don't have to give a single fuck - just get out of the way of those who know our economy can not sustain people putting their hands over their eyes and saying " I don't see anything here". 


  1. No worries, Snark.

    The government and the media - but I repeat myself - are masters of the "if it bleeds, it leads" propaganda.

    They have very successfully inoculated a large percentage of the population into a constant state of fear.

    Makes them easier to control and the .gov and media solutions go down so, so much easier.


  2. So.... I am going to take my tone down, but exactly "what state of constant fear"?

    When I was growing up things were much worse. No one I ever knew or met was afraid from watching the news. So, either people have grown into giant snowflakes or this is an entirely made up narrative.

    And I don't remember things that way at all. I remember the media saying that SARS2 was mild. It was going to go away on its own. I remember each and every new variant was the offramp variant. So much so that when I read this article I became inflamed because exactly no media has talked about dreading any variant. It's been all puppies and unicorns.

    Look... I'm not here to convince you at this point. The virus can speak for itself. And it will. Version 4 and 5 are at our shores, and they like lungs again. The sad thing's much worse than the downplaying media even knows. Covid infections cause cumulative damage to peoples immune systems.

    Now everyone is downplaying monkeypox. A disease that should NEVER be circulating. What is this spreads to the elderly and more children get infected?

    This is literally unconscionable. This isn't "chickenpox". It gives people ulcers in their mouths and ass. It causes people to go BLIND. And leaves scars.